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    Overthinking is the biggest cause of our unhappiness. most of the time we tend to find ourselves occupied with negative thoughts that ultimately lead us to our own unhappiness. but if we can comprehend how powerful our thoughts really are, and how a positive attitude really gives you power over your situations instead of your situation having power over you, we would excel. When we cannot control whatever’s happening around us, we often find ourselves deep within our own thoughts which eventually leads to sadness and insecurities. But what if we can control our minds or teach our inner self to learn to not let bad situations bring out the worst in us. To be strong and choose positivity instead of the other way around?

    Being positive helps you get through each circumstance, whether it is the good, the bad and the ugly. That’s not all, it also helps people around you as well. Individuals tend to find comfort in people who are positive, because it gives them some reassurance and something to look forward to. So, when they find themselves in an ugly position, it makes them feel better again.

    But on the other hand, having a positive mindset is not something that comes easily, it takes creativity and determination to train your mind to always look on the bright side of things, whether it is good or bad. But you know what, that’s okay! In this life, there will always be both optimistic and pessimistic people, which mean you have a choice in terms of which category you want to belong to, and my advice would be to choose wisely!

    Trying to train your mind to see things, not just in terms of how hard they seem, but how easy it could be if you allow it. And, believe me when I say it requires determination and enthusiasm to see it through, or at least to try.

    I have realized that when I see things not just the way they are, but the way they should be, helps remind me that there is nothing to worry about, and things would be okay. Things always workout in the end, even if it is unexpected. I personally have learned that in every difficult situation, or event’s that I find myself in, there’s always something good to learn from it or that comes out of it. We just need to observe, let go of our resistance to “what is” and the universe will take care of you! Because, either you believe it, or not, we are all provided for!

    Meanwhile, keep encouraging yourself to be grateful for what you have now and find happiness in the little things around you. Because if you think that there’s nothing in your life to give thanks for, well you should think again my dear friend! Because we all have something to be grateful for! No matter what! The fact that you are here right reading this, is absolutely something to give thanks to and rejoice over. So therefore, if you find yourself trapped in negative thoughts, try to think of all the beautiful things that you have going for you right now, it could be your job, family, friends, a new pair of shoes perhaps, that dress you got recently, or your husband, wife, or kids if you have any. These are all examples of things we can be appreciative of and find happiness within!

    And trust me when I say that these things would probably be the last thing on your mind when you are upset, or in a bad situation, however, it is crucial to understand that there’s always hope and something to look forward to when in doubt.

    It is time to be happy. Because being angry, sad and overthinking things isn’t worth our efforts any longer. Let go, free yourself! Allow your mind and energy to focus on something positive! This might sound like a cliché but in my opinion, there is a reason why clichés tend to stick! And in all honesty, who doesn’t like a good love story? A love song, or a brilliant love poem?! Begin now to train your mind to see the good things in life, instead of the bad. I believe positivity is a choice and that your happiness depends on the quality of your thoughts. And not the things in your life! Remind yourself everyday: I oversee my happiness. I will not let anything outside of myself control me. I am creating a life that feels good on the inside and it will turn experiences good on the outside.

    Have a spectacular day!!! Thank you so much for reading.


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